«Carbon and Composite Materials Plant» Limited Company (C&CMP LTD.) became an independent company in 9 November, 2006, when Carbon-Carbon Composites Production Complex of the plant was divided from Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant.

The complex was run in stage-by-stage between 1982 and 1994, and since that time it was the first high modulus carbon fiber and carbon-carbon composites batch processing company in the USSR.

During the start-up period, the high technology and multi operational carbon fiber and carbon-carbon composites production process was elaborated, the stuff of highly-qualified engineers and workers developed united cooperation, and new grades of present-day carbon fiber and composites were mastered.

Carbon fiber and carbon fiber composites (carbon fiber plastic and carbon-carbon composites) are the most progressive structural materials of the XXIth century. The possession of up-to-date batch processing technology of these materials and the rate of its implementation to industry are the key criteria of any country’s scientific and industrial development and the guarantee for successful sovereign development.

The main company’s objective is it’s development as one of the basic Russian centers of present-day carbon fiber and composites production and technologies.

The following aspects contribute to reaching this objective: The team of highly-qualified engineers and workers with great experience in carbon fiber and composites mastering and batch processing;
Advantageous geographic position of the enterprise. The plant is situated in scientifically developed industrial Ural Region, that contributes to effective development of new technologies and progressive equipment.
New carbon graphite, high-temperature, heat-insulating carbon materials, construction purposed graphites and their efficient implementation to industrial production;
To provide extra stuff, there is a number of high schools in Chelyabinsk city, including Carbon Materials and Natural Energy Resources Chemical Technology Department of the South Ural State University, that is one of the few high schools in Russia, where high qualified and high skilled professionals of carbon and graphite production technology take their courses.
The company has unique technology and equipment for manufacturing carbon fiber skeleton (pyrocarbon) based carbon-carbon composites, making complete product cycle for manufacturing materials used in strategic fields, from reinforced carbon fibers to carbon composites; Through complicated multi-operational manufacturing processes, having the competent managers, the developed production management system reacts effectively and promptly to the changes in the carbon materials market. It goes about the market of carbon graphite, carbon fillers for reinforced concrete and plastic, carbon fiber plastic and composites and discrete carbon. The company efficiently modifies and enlarges production line and volume. The Carbon and Composite Materials Plant also provides construction graphite, carbon fiber, carbon plastic and carbon-carbon composites.