Carbon Carbon Structural Material KIMF

ZUKM, LLC manufactures carbon-carbon composite (CCC) KIMF based on carbon fiber and pyrographite matrix woven 3D fabric. The material performs unique strength as well as high impact resistance.
Due to its tribological and ablation properties, the composite is used as high-strength antifriction and reinforcement in airspace engineering. Together with general application in special industries, such as space-rocket, aircraft and nuclear power industry, the material is successfully goes into making different furniture units in high-temperature furnaces, heating elements, crucibles, casting beds for non-ferrous metals and other shaped parts.

Physicomechanical Properties (Average Values):

1. Bulk density g/cm3 1,78
2. Compressive stress kgf/cm2 1600
3. Breaking stress kgf/cm2 350
4. Ultimate flexural stress kgf/cm2 500
5. Heat conductivity coefficient (under 50oС) Kcal/m.h.grad 7
6. Electrical resistance Ω.mm2/m 30
7. Porosity % 8,7
8. Impact resistance kJm/m2 10