Carbon Fiber Bundle (CFB-4)

Rovilon 12K belongs to carbon fibers of medium strength with the strength not less than 3500 MPa. The combination of high strength and firmness is appropriate for reinforcement of composites with the matrix from pyrographite and synthetic resins, such as epoxide resins, polyamides, vinyl ethers and some thermoplastics. Structural units made of such composites perform strength and endurance, and twice exceed the same properties for steel. Besides, being twice as light as aluminum, they exceed it in firmness. Unique features of composites based on the carbon tow Rovilon are appropriate for aircraft engineering, heat engineering, medical equipment, car industry, sports equipment manufacture, nuclear industry.

Physicomechanical Properties:

1. Tow linear density tex 530 - 570
2. Number of elementary fibers - 12000
3. Elementary fiber diameter mcm 5,0
4. Flexural strength in plastic MPa 1500
5. Flexural modulus in plastic HPa 120
6. Breaking force, not less Н 200,0
7. Density, not less g/cm3 1,73