New carbon fiber composite UGKM is manufactured on pyrographite matrix, made by thermal-gradient saturation of graphite charge with grained carbon fibers.
Being chemically and heat resistant, UGKM materials save high physicomechanical properties in inert ambience up to 3200oC and perform extra gas tightness. New composites have extra impact resistance. Being construction materials for general technical purpose, the composites are used in new technologies in chemical machinery, car industry, tractor industry, electrical industry and metal manufacture.
The composites are advised for manufacture of heating elements in electronic furnaces with core and shape molds, hot stamping moulds, casting moulds, wearing plates, immersion thermocouples, friction couples and other items.


Physicomechanical Properties:

1. Density, not less g/cm3 1,68
2. Compression strength MPa 125
3. Flexural strength MPa 33,9
4. Porosity % 13,0
5. Electrical resistance mcΩ.m 18,0
6. Temperature coefficient of linear expansion оК-1 4,5*10-6