Carbon Heat Insulating Material UTM-1

UTM-1 is low-density carbon-carbon composite for heat insulation of high-temperature equipment.
UTM-1 is made of discontinuous carbon fibers and synthetic binder. At the process of manufacture, the binder is carbonized and volatiles annealing happen.
UTM-1 is heat-resistant in inert ambience up to 3000°C; in ambience out of direct air is up to 2000°C . Moisture, decay, and age resistant. Flameproof.
UTM-1 can be manufactured in shape of plates, cylinder shaped parts. For extra gas tightness, it needs to be protected with expanded graphite foil.

General properties:

1. Density (bulk weight), not above g/cm3 0,20±0,05
2. Heat conductivity coefficient, not above
(under 20оС)
Wt/m.k not above 0,35