Discontinuous Carbon Fibers

Discontinuous carbon fibers are cut fibers with cut length from 10±5 mm, or grainded fiber fractioned from 2 to 20 mm, made under different treatment temperatures. For special order, ball-milled fibers with fraction to 350 mcm can be supplied. Carbon fiber density is not less than 1.64 g/cm³. Discontinuous fibers are used as reinforcement in carbon-carbon ceramic and polymer composites. The wide range of electrical conductivity, specified by different treatment temperature, enables carbon fibers to be used as paper filler for special purpose. Relatively low density and high operational temperature, heat shock resistance and wear resistance in different ambiances enables their application in friction materials of new generation.
Micro reinforcement of refractories by dispersed carbon fibers provides necessary safety factor, saving structural entity, providing composite’s extra properties: life improvement, less shrinking deformation, increase of fracture and impact resistance.

Types of Discontinuous Carbon Fibers

NoItemFiber density g/cm3, not lessFractions, (cut length)Number and type of coupling agent, not above
1. Chopped 1,64 5 - 20 mm 0,5 % Aklamon OC-2
2. Grained 1,64 0,5 - 2 mm 0,1% PVA
3. Milled 1,64 до 650 mcm 0,1% PVA

* - PVA -polyvinyl alcohol